Craig is easy to work with and takes the time to understand the goal and has creative solutions to reach that goal.

-­‐Jack H., Home Owner 

 I hired Craig to do some structural drawings for vaulting a ceiling and removing load-bearing walls. I explained to him the we were under a lot of time pressure, as the drawings were requested by the city inspector, and we could not move forward with the project until we had the drawings. He came out to the job site the very next day after my initial phone call, and had the entire calculations/drawing packet finished and emailed to me later that same day! We got the drawings approved by the city the following day with no problems, and were able to move forward with the renovation. He was also very responsive later, when we had questions or asked for slight modifications. Overall, great service, thank you!

-­‐Olga U., Home Owner, Real Estate Professional 

It was a pleasure working with this company, Made a difficult situation understandable.

--Steve R., Home Owner 

Good detailed drawings. Had great advice from his past experiences.

--Ryan S., Home Owner

Craig was very professional from the moment I called him all the way through the report he sent. He thoroughly evaluated all aspects of the potential structural issue and gave ideas on how to resolve it. I’ll definitely use him again.

--Sandy C., Real Estate Professional

Craig developed a strategy and a plan to solve a complex engineering issue most would walk away from. He explained it from an engineering standpoint what needed to be done, and said what he did, and did what he said. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

--Jason R., Home Owner